Tax Revenue vs. Costs

Legalization would put additional strain on an already faltering economy. Marijuana alone was involved in 375,000 emergency room visits. According to the Department of Justice, Drug overdoses already outnumber gunshot deaths in America and are approaching motor vehicle crashes as the nation’s leading cause of accidental deaths. It is true that taxing marijuana sales would generate some tax revenue, but the cost handling the influx of problems resulting from increased use would far outweigh any gain made by marijuana taxation.
Legalizing marijuana would serve only to compound the problems already associated with drug use.
According to advocates of legalization, the government’s efforts to combat the illegal drug trade have been an expensive failure. Consequently, they argue, focusing on substance abuse and treatment would be more effective means of combating drug abuse while reducing the violence and social ills stemming from anti-drug enforcement efforts.

Banking on Pot: Why This Bank Is the 1st in Florida to Accept Marijuana Money

There aren’t any banks in the state currently serving medical marijuana dispensaries for fear of losing their FDIC licenses. Orlando-based First Green Bank is taking a major risk that no other bank is doing in the state… MORE

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