Colorado governor won’t rule out banning marijuana again. Here’s why

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has two facts in front of him: Since 2014 crime has been rising in his state, outstripping the national trend, and since 2014 recreational use of marijuana has been legal.

Whether the two are connected is hotly debated — and if they are, then what? For the first time publicly, Hickenlooper told CNN he doesn’t rule out recriminalizing recreational marijuana, even if that’s a long shot.


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Explosion at commercial pot operation leaves 1 in critical condition

HUNTINGTON — An explosion rocked a commercial marijuana growing and processing operation in Huntington on Thursday afternoon sent one to to the hospital.

The Huntington Fire Department and employees from Baker County Sheriff’s Office were called to Burnt River Farms at about 2:38 p.m. Thursday afternoon after a gas leak led to an explosion that injured a Huntington man, according to an article in the Baker City Herald.


Aaron Langley, 28, was in critical condition this morning at St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise, according to the article.

Brad Hoaglan, hospital spokesman, confirmed in a phone interview with the Argus this afternoon that Langley is still in critical condition.


Shawn McKay, owner of Burnt River Farms, said the explosion happened at the facility’s marijuana processing lab, according to the article, which was backed up by a press release from the sheriff’s office stating it happened in the room where marijuana oil is extracted.


“It was determined that the explosion was contained to a concrete building on the edge of the property,” the release states.


According to the press release, the investigation into the explosion is ongoing and involves the Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police, Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Burnt River Farms, at 300 Oregon Trail Blvd., in Huntington, has licenses through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to produce, process and wholesale recreational marijuana, according to information posted on the OLCC Website as of April 6.


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Weaponized Marijuana

Ron Coppola of Vermont explains how Marijuana triggered his son’s schizophrenia at the age of 21. Ron also educates about the costs and harms brought to his family. Legalization of marijuana means more, so the damage to the next generation is infinite.

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Urgent warning for synthetic cannabis users

PEORIA — The Peoria City/County Health Department and UnityPoint Health issued an urgent warning Wednesday about synthetic cannabis, which can cause life-threatening bleeding that may start internally and be initially difficult to detect.

The warning cited “multiple cases in the greater Peoria area of people suffering from severe bleeding after smoking a drug containing synthetic cannabinoids,” said Dr. Gary Knepp, vice president and regional chief quality officer for UnityPoint Health, during an afternoon news conference at the Methodist Atrium Building. “This report was followed by an Illinois Poison Control Center report that they had been consulted on 17 suspected cases in Chicago, Joliet and Peoria.”

Synthetic cannabinoids mimic the effect of the cannabis plant. Often called K2 or Spice, the drug is sprayed onto a plant material and smoked. Synthetic cannabinoids are generally more potent and intense than cannabis, said Dr. Kirk Moberg, executive director of UnityPoint Health Illinois Institute of Addiction Recovery.


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Why a Federal Judge Dismissed a Lawsuit That Could Have Legalized Marijuana Nationwide

A federal judge on Monday tossed out a lawsuit that sought to legalize cannabis under federal law, handing another setback to a movement aimed at effectively making the drug legal everywhere in the United States

The plaintiffs in the case included former NFL player Marvin Washington, along with a 12-year-old girl who uses medical marijuana to treat her chronic epilepsy and others who used the drug for medical reasons. Their lawsuit, which named Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a defendant, argued that the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) is unconstitutional with regard to its classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance, the federal government’s most dangerous classification that is also reserved for drugs such as heroin and LSD. The lawsuit called that classification “irrational” based on the argument that marijuana serves a real medical purpose for countless patients across the country.


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Synthetic drugs, also referred to as designer or club drugs, are chemically-created in a lab to mimic another drug such as marijuana, cocaine or morphine.

The resulting designer drugs typically have a new different effect on the brain or behavior. Because these drugs are created in illegal labs, their ingredients and strength are almost impossible to know.

There are more than 200 identified synthetic drug compounds and more than 90 different synthetic drug marijuana compounds.

Many of these synthetic drugs are made in foreign countries and then smuggled into the United States. Clandestinely-made drugs have no manufacturing safety standards that are normally required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The effects of synthetic drug use can include: anxiety, aggressive behavior, paranoia, seizures, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting and even coma or death.


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Citizens, Law Enforcement, and Elected Officials are concerned about the growing environmental problems that come with increased planting of marijuana planting in the West.

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NJ marijuana legalization: Tube men, black market and other legal weed pitfalls

Weed merchants in Washington state picked up on the popularity of inflatable tube men usually seen waving and flapping around outside of car dealers and mattress stores and occasionally onstage at concerts.

But complaints about the inflatables, green in color and moving erratically in front of marijuana shops, streamed into the regulatory agency set up to control the weed industry.


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The complicated answer to a simple question: Should marijuana be legal where I live?

It has been decades since I held a joint between my fingers. (I’m not even sure that’s what it’s called these days.) But memories from my youth came pouring back to me on Tuesday as I pondered over the question on my ballot.

Voters in Chicago and surrounding areas were asked to weigh in on whether marijuana should be legalized in Illinois. But it didn’t stop with recreational users. The nonbinding referendum also asked us to consider whether people should be allowed to cultivate it, manufacture it and distribute it without retribution.


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